Light spectrum affects the growth of plants – This is how GROWLIGHTENGINE® differs from others

The kind of light a plant receives is extremely important. The GROWLIGHTENGINE® LED spectrum, i.e. the spectrum of light, consists of an optimized mixture of colors for growing healthy and well formed plants from seed to flowering.

In a previous blog, we talk about how GROWLIGHTENGINE® makes use of technology. In this text, we discuss the spectrum of greenhouse luminaires and their differences as well as the spectrum of a GROWLIGHTENGINE® greenhouse luminaire.

Most greenhouse luminaires, also known as grow lights, are designed in a way that the spectrum can be changed according to the growth phase of the plant. We, on the other hand, optimize our spectrum to suit all plants through all their growth phases. This makes your job as a grower easier with you not having to adjust the spectrum. We have designed the spectrum together with hydroponic professionals and worlds leading LED technicians to suit all plants at all stages of their growth.

The spectrum of GROWLIGHTENGINE® is something that you’ll have to experience yourself and now we are going to explain why.

What you should know about grow light spectrum?

In addition to light, the growth of a plant is affected by a lot of other factors such as humidity and nutrients. However, it is extremely important what kind of light the plant is given.

What does the spectrum of light mean?

The spectrum of light can be seen, for example, as light passes through a prism. Different wavelength of light is refracted in different ways and the eyes distinguish them in different colours. The short-wave end of the visible light is purple and the long-wave is red. It covers the wavelength range of 390 to 720nm. The sensitivity of the human eye is highest at 555 nanometres, which is equivalent to green light.

Source: Wikipedia

Usually, when talking about the spectra of grow lights, it is roughly divided into blue, green and red areas. These areas affect the plants in different ways. We don’t yet know everything about spectra and how they work but research gives some direction to where it’s headed.

Below are the spectrum divided from the most to least important:

  • According to study by NASA, the red area (600-700nm) is the most efficient and important for the growth of plants. It has many effects on plant development. It enhances stem and leaf growth, plant mass, and affects plants flowering and germination.
  • The far-red (700-800nm) is also a very important area, especially for flowering plants. Plants that require a long period of light to flower bloom faster when there is a little far-red in the spectrum. Like the green light, the far-red penetrates the top layer of the leaves o the plant, but it has the most effect on all the germination, seedling stage and flowering of the plant.

  • The blue area (400-500nm) is the second most important spectrum. It affects the growth of the plant stems and leaves and is essential for seedlings and young plants during vegetative phases. Approximately one third of sunlight PAR emissions consist of blue.
  • The green area (500-600nm), a highly debated controversial topic. On the other hand, is believed that green in the grow light spectrum is not that important for the plants as the plant reflects green light and is therefore is not able to utilize all parts of it. However in the right amount used, the plants benefits from the green and it is absorbed by the plants. According to a study made by NASA, some areas of the green spectrum may even be more efficient than certain areas of the blue spectrum.

    The good side of the green spectrum is that when combined with red and blue, the human eyes see the light as white. This helps in monitoring the crop when the color of the leaves, flowers and fruits of the plants look real. When the light consists of only blue and red, the plants will appear purple, grey, or even black. That would, for example, make it difficult to detect quality control or plant diseases.

How many kelvins do our LEDs have?

We often get questions about how many kelvins our LED has, in other words, what is the colour temperature of our LED. In greenhouse lighting, it is also possible to use ordinary LEDs, for example: 4000K, but it is not the most efficient option.

LEDs of this type are primarily intended for conventional lighting; in which case their design does not consider the needs of the plants.

The LED spectrum of our grow light is designed for plants. It does not follow ordinary colour temperature; therefore, we cannot talk about kelvins.

How GROWLIGHTENGINE® is better than other greenhouse lights?

Most LED grow lights are pink in colour. The spectrum of these luminaires is located only in the red and blue range. As previously compared, this type of spectrum is not the most effective for growing plants and the pink colour makes it difficult to work in it and monitor the production.

Figure: On the left is a regular LED grow light, on the right is GROWLIGHTENGINE®

It is easy to work under GROWLIGHTENGINE® grow light as its light is almost white. It is also safe for the eyes as long as you do not directly look at the light source.

Figure: The light in GROWLIGHTENGINE® grow lights are almost white

How to choose the best grow light for you and your plants?

Now that we have delved into the world of spectra and the effect of each spectral range, you are sure to wonder how in the world to choose the right grow light for your plants.

With the GROWLIGHTENGINE® luminaire, the contemplation has already been done on your behalf as its spectrum is designed to suit all plants at all staged of their growth. It has just the right combination of red, blue and green.

You don’t have to worry. Whether you grow lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, or anything, GROWLIGHTENGINE® is for you.

If you have any questions, you can always email us at sales@growlightengine.com. We will be happy to help you.

This blog used NASA’s research as reference. Link to the research

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